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Gender Selection Diet

One of the most popular gender selection pregnancy techniques that women are interested in is a gender selection diet. There are many different gender selection diet theories. There are some that have some support from research, whereas others are merely regarded as old wives' tales or myths and may actually raise medical questions. However, many of the diet methods that do not have scientific evidence are still widely believed by women who claim to have had previous success with selecting their own baby's gender by what they ate prior to ovulation before becoming pregnant.

While it is a known fact that the type of sperm that fertilizes the egg determines the gender of the baby, the mother's body chemistry may also play a part in deciding which type of sperm enters the egg. Here are some of the most common gender selection diet tips that are thought to influence the mother's reproductive environment for conceiving a boy or girl. (Remember, these are just theories that could possibly influence a baby's gender; there are no guarantees).

How to conceive a boy diet theories

Eat a highly alkaline diet. This includes foods that have low acidity such as red meats, eggs, beans, peas, bread, corn, and raisins. The theory behind this conception diet is that Y (boy) sperm thrive in a more alkaline environment, so if a woman can change her body pH (including vaginal pH) to be more alkaline, a baby boy is more likely to be conceived. 

Eat a diet that includes foods that are high in potassium, such as bananas. This theory actually has some scientific evidence from a 2008 medical study that does support potassium gender selection for boys. 

Eat a diet that is high in sodium. This includes any and all salty foods such as pretzels and soups. 

Eat a well balanced diet that is high in vitamins and minerals. There is some scientific support for this method as well, seen from the same 2008 medical study that supports potassium.  Women who ate breakfast more often and eat cereal daily (high in vitamins) are more likely to conceive boys. 

How to conceive a girl diet theories
Eat an acidic diet that includes highly acidic foods such as oranges, grapefruits, and citrus juices. The theory behind this conception diet is the reverse of the boy diet.  X (girl) sperm thrive in a more acidic environment, so if a woman can change her body pH (vaginal pH included) to be more acidic, it is more likely that she will conceive a girl. 

The calcium magnesium diet gender selection is a popular theory to conceive a girl.  This involves eating foods that are high in these minerals. Magnesium rich foods, include spinach, almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. Calcium rich foods include milk, yogurt, and cheese. 

Many herbal and dietary supplements are also promoted to help women conceive a girl, such as those made by Lydia Pinkham. It is important to know that there are no dietary or herbal supplements that are recommended for gender selection. There has been no scientific evidence whatsoever that they work and there are some that can actually cause harm.

There are many methods other than a baby diet that may  help conceive your chosen gender. The simple, natural gender selection techniques include knowing your ovulation calendar for gender selection conception, and looking at the Chinese gender calendar. Other, more complicated ways to conceive gender selection babies include genetic gender selection procedures such as IVF, microsort, and other fertility methods.