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Is it possible to choose if you will conceive a girl or boy using gender selection methods?

While there are many old wives' tales and myths that are completely untrue related to gender selection, there are some tips and methods that may actually work for increasing a woman's odds of conceiving a boy or girl.

While some women, couples, and the medical community disagree about the effectiveness of free natural gender selection methods, others are without a doubt convinced that natural methods and techniques do work and expensive medical procedures are not necessary to conceive a girl or boy of choice.

No one really knows for sure if using certain natural methods can increase the chances of conceiving a boy or girl. However, scientific research has actually been conducted to study some of the natural gender selection techniques.

Trying to find this type of scientific information online can be challenging, and searching for the evidence based studies on natural gender selection can be a long and tedious process. The goal of is to inform you about gender selection techniques from a scientific standpoint.

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So what are the myths related to gender selection? Here are some of the most common tales that do not have any known scientific evidence or support:

Trying to conceive a baby in the afternoon is more likely to result in a girl, at night will give you a boy.

Trying on the even numbered days of the month will produce a girl, the odd days a boy.

A girl is more likely if you are trying during a full moon, a boy with a quarter moon.

If the man drinks a caffeine containing beverage right before trying to conceive, a boy is more likely because this will make the Y (boy) sperm more active.

Eating lots of fish and vegetables followed by a chocolate dessert for a girl; red meat, pretzels and chips for a boy.

Trying to conceive while standing up will give you a boy.

When making a baby is initiated by the woman, chances of having a girl are increased.

X (girl) sperm can tolerate warmer temperatures, so if you are looking conceive a female, the man should take a hot bath just before trying.

Having your heads pointing north when trying to conceive or having the would-be mother sleep on the left will result in a boy.

Using Chinese gender selection methods such as a Chinese gender calendar for gender prediction.

What free gender selection methods might work?  Here are some natural gender selection tips that may actually have some scientific truths behind them:

Timing of Conception. The Shettles gender selection method and Whelan method both use these concepts but with slightly different variations from each other.  The idea is based on the fact that X (girl) sperm are larger and slower and Y (boy) sperm are faster but more fragile. So trying to conceive a few days before ovulation favors the larger but slower X sperm, and trying at the time of ovulation favors the faster Y sperm.  These methods require careful counting and watching the calendar or ovulation testing to determine exactly when ovulation is occurring.

Conception Position. If you are trying to conceive a girl, shallow penetration is best. The sperm will be deposited in the more acidic area of the woman, which will work against the weaker boy sperm and leave more girl sperm available the fertilize the egg. If you are trying to conceive a boy, the opposite is true. Deep penetration is best to deposit the sperm in the more alkaline area which is closer to the cervix so that the faster boy sperm will have a head start in a safer environment to get the egg.

Climax achievement. If you are trying for a girl, a woman should not reach climax since this makes the vaginal environment more alkaline. The opposite is true if you are trying for a boy, since this creates a favorable environment for Y sperm and the contractions also help more the sperm up into the cervix quicker.

In vitro fertilization. In vitro fertilization is a high tech method associated with a high gender selection cost. Scientifically, this method works but it is expensive.  If you are desperate enough and money is not an object, $20,000 or more can guarantee you the boy or girl you desire.  In vitro fertilization is a process where a live embryo is produced in a laboratory by harvesting eggs from the mother and sperm from the father.  The embryo can then have its DNA tested before it is implanted to find out if is a boy (XY) or girl (XX). Other than the disadvantage of the large price tag, this method is often considered immoral and unethical when used for determining gender. This method alone turns many couples against gender selection and raises questions concerning gender selection ethics.

There are a variety of gender selection clinics that use many scientific methods including preimplantation genetic diagnosis pgd and microsort for gender determination.

Dietary Factors. There is a lot of interest in gender selection diets. One study reported that women who eat a well balanced diet overall that is high in vitamins (including potassium) have been shown to be more likely to conceive boys. This same study reported that eating breakfast cereal regularly and a higher number of calories has also been correlated with having a baby boy.